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ITIL® Expert: Manage Across the Life Cycle- Classroom Training Overview

You will Learn To

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  1. Integrate service management processes across the lifecycle
  2. Understand organizational structure to apply IT Governance for management and delivery of IT services
  3. Implement effective communication during delivery of service
  4. Manage processes and people service management
  5. Measure, implement and improve service management capability
  6. Prepare for ITIL® MALC Exam

Training includes

  1. Understanding key concepts and functioning of lifecycle
  2. Identifying and evaluating risks
  3. Understanding potential stakeholders and documenting stakeholder map
  4. Integrating processes for quality IT Service management
  5. How to increase customer satisfaction with help of ITIL approach
  6. 6. Exam preparation

Important Course Information

  1. Aggregate of 17 points ITIL® with completion of Foundation & intermediate certificates is eligibility for taking this course.
  2. Reading the material prior to course will be additional benefit to participants as this is more of practical course
  3. Approximately 1 hour of home study each evening
  4. Course tuition includes the ITIL® Intermediate Qualification: MALC Exam, as well as overview maps that illustrate the ITIL® lifecycle stages, serving to reinforce key concepts and functioning as valuable reference tools

Who Should Attend?

This course is valuable for those who want to achieve the Manage Across the Lifecycle Certificate and the ITIL® Expert Qualification.  17 Credit points must have been achieved prior to this exam. The ITIL® Foundation Certificate is required to attend this course and to take the ITIL® Manage Across the Lifecycle exam on the final day.

ITIL® - Related Courses

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  2. ITIL® Intermediate Lifecycle
    • ITIL® Intermediate: Service Strategy
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  3. ITIL® Intermediate Lifecycle
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    • ITIL® Intermediate: Release, Control and Validation
    • ITIL® Intermediate: Planning, Protection and Optimization
    • ITIL® Intermediate: Service Offerings and Agreements
  4. ITIL® Managing Across the Lifecycle Qualification (ITIL® Expert)

Training Hours

   Days 1 - 2 Course Hours:   Day 3 Course Hours - Last Day:   Free Course Exam*:
    9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.    9:00 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.    3:15 p.m. - 4:45 p.m.
    Two 15-minute breaks    Two 15-minute breaks               -
    45-minute lunch    45-minute lunch               -

* Exam for All online training attendees in an ITIL® course will have the opportunity to take their ITIL® exam through a Peoplecert vouchers. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about your exam options, please call us at +91 9822010708, or send email to info@konarksolutions.com

ITIL® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited.

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