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Audit Services

Information Systems Audit

  • We conduct complete environment audit and implementation audit of a particular application. 
  • Environment audit will check compliance of physical security, inventory of all strategic assets and licenses and incident management process.

Network Audit

  • Network audit will check the access control to network with help of tools.
  • Implementation audits will check the effectiveness & efficiency of roll out process of implementation with respect to objectives defined by an organization.

Pre Certification Audit

  • Purpose of these audits is to check the preparedness of an organization with respective to particular certification. This service will include the process of interview with operation teams followed by inspection of documents and records. These services will review compliance of all documents and records with certification point of view. It will identify non conformance with respective certification process and documentation and assist the organization in preparing for final certification. (For ISO 9001, ISO 20000, ISO 27001, ISO 22301). Objective is to make organization ready for certification.

Advisory Services

Gap Analysis

  • We interact with Management at strategic, tactical and operational levels to understand the Management business objectives. We verify policies, procedures and records to check the compliances and conformance with reference to requirements of respective ISO standards. We check the readiness of organization for PCIDSS and various ISO certifications and design blueprint and roadmap of ISO implementation projects.

BC Life Cycle

  • Business Impact Analysis and IT Risk Assessment: In this service, we conduct Business Impact analysis; we identify vital business functions and critical services with RTO and RPO. In Risk assessment, we identify information security Risks, review the existing controls, policies and procedures; gaps are identified, documented and prioritized based on risk assessment with implementation recommendations to mitigate the risks. Business continuity strategies are developed. We assist organization to prepare business continuity plan.

Solutions developed will help to

  • Prioritize Business critical functions for recovery
  • Effectively utilize IT Disaster Recovery Investments
  • Reduce overall risk management cost
  • Increase confidence in business continuity and IT Services

Implementation and Maintenance of ISO standard

  • Service provides end to end support to organizations for achieving PCIDSS and ISO certification.
  • Service includes, GAP analysis, development of management framework, awareness trainings, Implementation guidance for processes role out, assisting in conducting precertification audit and Management review meeting.
  • Post certification support for maintaining certificates by way of conducting monthly review meetings, identifying improvements and assisting in implementation.

Training Services

  • ITIL Trainings
    • Foundation,
    • Intermediate,
    • Expert
  • ISO standards Awareness, Implementation, Auditor certifications for
    • ISO 20000 - IT Service Management Standard
    • ISO 27001 - Information Security Standard
    • ISO 22301 - Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Standard
    • ISO 9001   - Quality management Systems Standard
    • All other ISO standards

Manpower resourcing

Dynamic growth in Information Technology has played an important role and changed the dimensions of the business with respect to accuracy, speed and volume. A technology has helped in increasing efficiency and effectiveness of Organization’s. But at the same time technology has added various challenges to the organization. There are many concerns while handling technology. Business expectations have increased in many folds. 

Konark supports organizations by providing highly skilled people for handling technical and managerial activities at optimum cost which has become imperative to the organization.

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